Clarus Group

We listen. We learn. We understand your business goals before we touch your technology.

Our unique lineup of skills and perspectives allows us to clearly establish—and reveal to you—a 360-degree understanding of your mission and goals.

Our results-oriented, fully-custom solutions and support structures click seamlessly into the whole picture: your current processes, available tools, best practices, and objectives.

From configurations and implementations to skilled candidates and project roadmaps, we help you to achieve fluid integration of your people, process, data and technology.

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The Three C’s


We love to talk, but we listen first. Then we ask questions and listen some more. We’re after fresh perspectives and a 360° understanding of our clients’ goals. We’re eternally studying our industry, our clients’ industry, and the direction in which each is headed. Because we’re always looking, listening and learning, we’re never flying blind.


Working in partnership means that our partners’ goals are our own. Every decision we make must move us closer to meeting them. This is how we build trust and mutual respect, and that dynamic unlocks the phenomenal outcomes that take us and our clients to the next level.


Clients rely on us for our proficiency and inimitable resuls, not bottom rates. Cheap work costs more in the long run and yields inferior results. Our clients often turn to us after learning this the hard way. We’re worth the investment because we’re the ones who get it right.

Our Founders

Sean Crews - Principal

Sean began his career by serving 6 years in the Navy as a Lieutenant in the P-3 community-based in Jacksonville, Florida. In 1995, he transitioned out of the military and returned home to the Midwest. Sean and Brian share a common vision for Clarus Group to create long-lasting value and relationships for both business partners and employees.


Brian Crews - CEO

Brian started Clarus Group (formerly Apex Government Solutions/ Apex Solutions Group) in 2005, but has been in the IT consulting industry since 1995. His goal was to create a unique consulting company that truly partners with their clients to achieve a common goal and develop long-lasting relationships.



If you love what you do and believe in doing things the right way, you’ll fit in here.


Supporting charities that align with our core values is important to us.