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Clarus Group recognizes the significance of modernizing constituent experiences in today’s public sector landscape. That’s why we’ve made a strategic commitment to specialize in Salesforce’s Public Sector Solutions. Our team consists of trained developers, consultants, and architects who are focused on leveraging the Salesforce suite to bring you streamlined, efficient solutions. Our mastery in this area ensures that agencies can deploy projects swiftly and effectively, without the lengthy timelines typically associated with public sector digital transformations.

We don’t just implement these solutions; we make them come to life in a way that’s uniquely tailored to meet the nuanced demands and compliance standards of public-sector organizations. By partnering with Clarus Group, you gain access to a dedicated team that’s not only well-versed in the technical intricacies but also committed to understanding the specific needs of the public sector.

Clarus Group offers expert Grants Management solutions that revolutionize the way government agencies deliver funding to grantees. Leveraging the power of Salesforce, the leading CRM platform, we ensure a seamless grants lifecycle with streamlined automation and increased visibility.

We will work with you to transform applicant experiences with a digital-first approach—from application intake to ongoing services. Enhance efficiency and accessibility for grant-seekers, facilitating a smooth journey from application to award notification.

Our Salesforce delivery experts enable rapid deployment in a matter of weeks. We do this by leveraging a data model built for the public sector, and preconfigured templates which can be leveraged for your applicants to interface with.

Clarus Group can enable seamless inspection processes, elevating compliance and fostering safer communities through Salesforce’s powerful platform. We help inspectors with a user-friendly mobile solution, granting easy access to critical information for guiding inspections. From daily visit plans, routing details, and configurable checklists to instant code lookups, our streamlined application ensures efficient data collection, review, and corrective action. With real-time connectivity, inspectors can seamlessly share feedback with the home office and constituents, enhancing collaboration and driving a more effective inspection management process.

Our expertise in implementation and the prebuilt Salesforce product for inspection management allows rapid deployment, leveraging preconfigured data models and community templates for a quicker time-to-market.

Clarus Group can provide you with a powerful Employee Experience solution to revolutionize your HR and IT processes. You will have a digital administrative hub which is designed for the hybrid workplace, ensuring you have a 360-degree view of every touchpoint, from onboarding to training and beyond. By digitizing personnel forms, automating service requests, and centralizing resources, we create a scalable, secure, and unified workspace that enhances productivity and empowers your workforce throughout their careers.

We will unify and automate service requests, ensuring your team can efficiently submit HR and IT requests with ease. This means timely and effective support for your valued employees. This Employee Experience solution empowers Public Sector organizations to assist employees at every touchpoint, fostering a positive work environment and driving efficiency in HR and IT processes.

Clarus Group can implement a modern employee experience solution in just weeks leveraging Salesforce’s Public Sector Solution for Employee Experience.

Clarus Group offers an innovative Licensing and Permit Management solution via Salesforce that is tailored for the public sector. This digital application streamlines the complexities of licensing and permitting, providing constituents with an intuitive hub for their application requirements.

For agency employees, the solution delivers a holistic view of applicant data, ensuring every application is reviewed thoroughly. Enhanced tools and insights guide the process, minimizing oversights and accelerating approvals.

By embracing this modernized approach, agencies can transform their operations, ensuring a smoother, more efficient system that benefits both public servants and the communities they serve.

In the public sector, standardized case management doesn’t cut it. We recognize this need for flexibility and customization. Leveraging the capabilities of Salesforce’s Composable Case Management solution, Clarus Group crafts a tailored approach for agencies, emphasizing adaptability. We help you select the right components, ensuring your technology aligns perfectly with each unique case scenario. From intake to progress monitoring, we’re with you every step of the way, guiding and optimizing.

We’re acutely aware that government interactions are about more than just resolving issues; they’re about serving individuals, families, and entire communities. Our expertise ensures your case workers navigate these multifaceted interactions with a personal touch and utmost efficiency, ensuring every constituent feels heard and supported.

What truly sets our approach apart is our emphasis on composability, a people-first mindset, and outcome-driven strategies. By working with Clarus Group, agencies gain the capacity to shape processes that genuinely cater to their community’s needs. And with our focus on measurable outcomes, you can be sure of continuous refinement in all your interactions and policies.

As you embark on your Salesforce journey, you need more than just a vendor—you need a trusted partner. We pride ourselves on being that partner, blending our deep Salesforce expertise with a nuanced understanding of the public sector. As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, we’re equipped with the latest tools, methodologies, and best practices to ensure your Salesforce solution aligns perfectly with your mission and stakeholders.

Your decision to leverage Salesforce is a significant step toward modernization and efficiency. Our role is to make this transition as seamless as possible. We tailor the implementation to your agency’s specific needs, ensuring every aspect, from user experience to data security, is meticulously addressed. With our team by your side, you benefit from streamlined processes, enhanced stakeholder engagement, and a system that truly empowers your employees.

Choosing Clarus Group means more than just a successful Salesforce implementation. It means gaining a long-term ally committed to your agency’s success. Our deep-rooted expertise on the Salesforce platform combined with our unwavering dedication to the public sector ensures your Salesforce journey is strategic, efficient, and transformative.

While implementing a Salesforce solution is a milestone, it’s only the beginning of the journey. The pivotal role of ongoing Operations & Maintenance is critical in ensuring your system’s seamless operation. With our comprehensive O&M plans, we bridge that gap, ensuring your system remains adaptive to changing requirements, secure, and consistently aligned with your evolving objectives.

Beyond just technical support, our US-based teams understand the intricacies of the federal sector. Whether it’s managing users, configuring standard/custom objects, implementing workflows, or iterative development, we’re poised to address all your needs with expertise and efficiency. Additionally, our support extends to responsive issue resolution, enhancement requests, and platform guidance—ensuring every interaction adds value.

With Clarus Group, you’re not just securing an O&M partner; you’re gaining a team committed to your success. Our transparent and cost-effective pricing ensures you receive optimal service without straining your budget. From Salesforce administrators to architects, our team is always ready to support, guide, and innovate, ensuring your Salesforce system remains a robust, scalable asset.

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