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Elevating Tribal Communities with Modern Salesforce Solutions

Tribal communities stand at a unique crossroads, demanding innovation with the speed and agility of the corporate sector, while requiring the heightened security and prudence of governmental organizations. Every tribe has its unique set of challenges and goals. We get that. Clarus Group’s mission is to work hand-in-hand with these communities, offering transformative solutions that harness the power of Salesforce. Together, we aim to enhance visibility and forge stronger connections with community members across countless touchpoints, all while respecting and understanding the distinct needs of each tribe.

Communities thrive on the bonds and connections shared by its members. Clarus Group specializes in transforming these intangible connections into tangible, dynamic digital spaces. We leverage Salesforce and transform it to resonate with the heartbeat of each tribal community.

Our solutions are designed to be more than just digital hubs, but a place where citizens can access essential services and also engage actively with their community. Imagine a dynamic space where members can interactively share knowledge, get a fishing license, promote local events, and engage in meaningful dialogues. A space so inclusive that it becomes a go-to destination for everything – from processing claims, accessing healthcare details, and scheduling appointments to even applying for a grant.

With our expertise, tribal communities can transition to efficient, digital experiences, ensuring citizens benefit from streamlined services. This not only reduces operational bottlenecks but also provides a more responsive and supportive environment for members. With Clarus Group, you’re not just embracing technology; you’re ushering in a new chapter of enhanced engagement and community support through a digital front door.

Tribal communities manage grants for various initiatives, from community development to cultural preservation. Leveraging the power of Salesforce, Clarus Group provides tribes with a solution that streamlines the grant application, management and distribution process.

Our solutions serve every facet of the grant lifecycle. You applicants experience a cohesive, digital-first journey from application to award notification, while internally, your team is empowered to create funding opportunities, manage applications, oversee reviews, and track both budgets and results with ease. We will configure your grants system to cater to the diverse roles within your institution. Whether you’re a grant manager overseeing the entire operation, a reviewer assessing applications, or collaborators ensuring project deliverables, you will have the tools and insights needed to execute tasks efficiently.

One of the best benefits is how quickly we can deploy this solution. With a data model already tailored for the tribal/public sector and pre-configured community templates, we can transform your grants process in weeks, not months.

For tribal nations seeking a digital transformation, the choice of technology is crucial. Clarus Group is more than just experts in Salesforce implementation; we’re partners who understand the unique needs and aspirations of tribal organizations.

Salesforce offers unparalleled efficiency and modernization. Our mission is to align these capabilities perfectly with the specific requirements of your tribe. We ensure that Salesforce seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and processes while keeping an eye to the future. From creating user-friendly interfaces to upholding strict data security protocols, every decision is made with your community’s best interests at the forefront.

By choosing Clarus Group, you’re not just selecting a Salesforce implementation partner. You’re aligning with a team that understands the intricacies of tribal operations and is committed to delivering a solution that truly empowers your members and stakeholders.

Embracing Salesforce’s capabilities is a significant move towards digital advancement, but maintaining its momentum is equally crucial. That’s where Clarus Group’s managed services come into play. Our services are not just about upkeep; they’re about ensuring that your Salesforce environment evolves in sync with your tribal community’s aspirations and goals.

With Clarus Group by your side, the tribal community can remain unwaveringly focused on its core missions and growth. Our team of certified professionals is dedicated to enhancing your Salesforce capabilities continually. From proactive feature implementations and periodic system assessments to responsive issue resolution and strategic platform guidance, we ensure that every touchpoint drives value.

Our US-based teams have a nuanced understanding of tribal dynamics. Whether it’s managing users, configuring automated workflows, or fostering iterative development, we’re primed to cater to your unique needs with precision and proficiency.

Our transparent and cost-effective offerings guarantee top-tier service, ensuring your investment translates into consistent growth and adaptability. With a range of experts from Salesforce administrators to architects, we’re steadfast in our pledge to support, guide, and elevate your Salesforce journey.

Tribal communities possess unique requirements and challenges when it comes to licensing, permitting, and inspections. We provide an integrated solution tailored specifically for tribal needs. Our offering ensures an intuitive experience for members of the community seeking permits or licenses, streamlining the complexities of applications and guiding them through each step.

Internally, the solution offers tribal representatives a holistic view of applicant data, empowering them with enhanced tools and insights for thorough review, minimizing oversights, and accelerating approvals. For inspection processes, Salesforce’s platform allows for user-friendly mobile access, allowing your inspectors to easily gather data, reference checklists, and share real-time feedback with the tribal office and community members.

Embracing this unified approach to license, permitting, and inspections management ensures that tribal communities benefit from a seamless, efficient system. This not only bolsters operational effectiveness but also fosters trust and collaboration between the community and its leadership.

Managing cases in tribal settings goes beyond just paperwork. It’s about connecting with individuals, families, and the entire community. For instance, consider a program focused on youth welfare in a tribe. The main goals could be community involvement and individual growth. To achieve these, programs like cultural lessons, community events, or mentorship opportunities can be implemented. Our approach ensures that every member of the tribe feels valued and supported.

Our method stands out because it’s flexible, centered on the tribe’s people, and results-oriented. We design systems that can change and adapt as the tribe’s needs evolve. We focus on the people, understanding the different relationships and complexities in the tribe. And we aim for measurable results, giving tribal organizations the tools they need to see what’s working and what can be improved.

With Clarus Group, tribes get more than just a service; they get a partner committed to their success, helping them serve their members effectively and efficiently.


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